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Tension Loads

Available Tension Loadcells

Type Range Quantity
F256U 200N (20kgf) 2
F256U 2.5kN (250kgf) 1
F256U 5.0kN (500kgf) 1
F256U 10kN (1tonnef) 1
F256U 20kN (2tonnef) 3
F256U 40kN (4tonnef) 5
F256U 60kN (6tonnef) 1
F256E 60kN (6tonnef) 1
F204-Z3452 100kN (10tonnef) 1
F204-Z3453 200kN (20tonnef) 1
F204-Z3454 500kN (50tonnef) 1

If the range you require is not listed please contact us as we may have a suitable loadcell available. The loadcells listed may have small dimensional differences from the current design so please check with our engineering department if you are going to machine any fittings. The loadcells can be calibrated in pounds force if required.