Novatech Measurements Ltd

Loadcell Hire

Terms and Conditions


The hire charge for one loadcell and display, with copies of calibration certificates, is £194 plus VAT for the first week. Subsequent part/whole weeks are £154 plus VAT.


There is a standard delivery charge of £40 plus VAT per loadcell and display for anywhere in the United Kingdom, alternatively the customer may arrange their own collection. The customer is responsible for the return delivery of the equipment.


A deposit of £500 plus VAT per loadcell and display is required. This will be refunded when the equipment is returned to us complete, undamaged and in good working order.


Payment by credit card or debit card for all non-account customers will be required prior to despatch. Hire charges will be debited on the day of despatch. The deposit will be pre-authorised and cancelled on return of the equipment complete, undamaged and in good working order.

For non-account customers paying by credit or debit card, charges for extra part/whole weeks hire will automatically be debited two working days following the end of the previous hire period. Account customers should ensure that their Purchase Order acknowledges charges for the deposit and subsequent part/whole weeks hire.

In all cases where the equipment is lost or damaged we reserve the right to invoice the full equipment replacement value.

A cancellation fee of £50 will be charged if an order is placed and subsequently cancelled or a pre-arranged hire period is changed by the customer.